Bi-level Lighting Controls

Bi-level Lighting Downloadable Fact Sheet (PDF)

Parking facilities are usually excellent candidates for an upgrade to bi-level lighting due to long periods of low to no occupancy. It is common for parking lots and garages to have lights on all day or all night, regardless of the lighting need. Bi-level fixture controls present an opportunity to save energy by dimming light levels when areas are unoccupied. Bi-level lighting controls can also turn off perimeter light fixtures for much of the day in areas that receive sufficient daylight to meet lighting needs.

In addition to the savings achieved with bi-level controls, significant energy and lifecycle cost savings can also be produced by replacing existing light fixtures with energy efficient, high performance fixtures including LED, induction, and fluorescent. Fixture replacements and bi-level controls can create both peak demand reductions (kW) and hourly energy use reductions (kWh). Typical energy savings for parking lots and garages retrofitted with bi-level lighting are 20%-70% depending on previously existing and newly installed equipment.

Technologies and Operation

Bi-level fixtures operate at different levels of light output to meet the lighting need and are triggered by passive infrared (PIR) sensors, ultrasonic sensors, and photo-sensors. High performance linear fluorescent, LED, and induction fixture technologies are all eligible for ETAP rebates. ETAP maintains a pre-approved product list and products not on the list may be submitted for approval.

Other Benefits of a Bi-level Retrofit

Bi-level fixtures typically allow facility owners to save on maintenance costs by reducing the frequency of lamp burnouts. Bi-level lighting retrofits may also increase safety and security in several ways:

  • Changes in lighting levels help to alert drivers and pedestrians to approaching traffic;
  • Higher color temperatures may increase visual acuity; and
  • Uniform light distribution may help to illuminate darker areas of a parking lot or garage

ETAP Technical Support

ETAP provides no-cost consultation with expert professionals who are familiar with the newest, state-of-the-art technologies. Our technical experts will help you identify qualifying parking facilities, evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of implementing a bi-level retrofit project, help ensure that your agency captures the available savings, and prioritize your satisfaction and understanding.

For more information and example savings information download the ETAP Bi-level Lighting Fact Sheet (PDF).